maybe you can live on the moon in next century (the fortune cookie album)

by zonder

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released June 19, 2014

michael shiono - bass
robin eckman - drums
rus archer - guitar, vox



all rights reserved


rus archer Portland, Oregon

previously: neighborhood, no longer music, lame dog, scaterd few, exo iii, zonder, subarachnoid space, trawler bycatch, fist fite

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Track Name: brasilienne
shin high a goggle

spin dry o’nozzle

captain go shake shake


bone up mccattle

ziplock no rattle

flappita boot tape


trust in skyleaner

fee fi fo fever

but I want more softwise shaking

sunned in rake me-man

juxtapose tight

floated tired welcome mat stains

caked in marzipan well sullen

heave ho

do good do good

heave ho

do good do good so good so good cracked stone where fire wood/would
Track Name: tortellini
taken like a doggy - out

a wake up claw, meow

walkie-talkie stake me out

some other party now

foreign objects make-up plow

got a garrote see

parking lot a walk ‘n shop

son of the barber

post-roman spoken crowd

no harbor bartered

trust family sacred

slop/prop cops in crop tops speak gym-shop-talk


softball or shower stall

tinge, smell of shopping mall

(we) did the math

(now) draw your bath

run through the park handcuffed naked sudden wheels overhead

fiery green lights

inverted gravity

tests for tolerance

sober ploy

new term… plant

forever and never the son

switched off no dormant flaws

reject hydraulic clause

failure flow

not it not it not it …



once vacant airspace concave and torn

sex allocated dead waste


fall ceiling fan-belted screams for hypnosis

stalked forehead starch make a rigid mainlining designer suits padding casheesh cocaine

brick-walled fortress divide stair/stare

buoyed downriver

separate baubles afloat

head shoulders: a treasure lost

forever and never the one
Track Name: toga
rum thighs

laughter in a broken bottle

tan-injected flame retardant


left loose






can’t reject it

fragrant nectarines

saved by finochietto

black-light ties your dreams

life-size mattress seams

focus wide token

speculum spatula

foreign eyes forked inspiring

kiss goodbye axe delivery

smoked flesh-tainted cobwebs

forerunner stretch knee-high black tights


marked incise

tortoise shell

this soup relies/realize

laced with static

corpse entice formant skyline

starched in lace

forced enthroned

foam on holiday

drink incestual choir

foam on
Track Name: tsela
clayful and porous

roaming and naming a mountain of well-friends untamed

exchange this

I am welcome and home but you spot the difference

make one to sleep fall

extract a neighbor half-self

on the surface a reflection it’s my face

split and shifter

different flying circles in your ribcage with you outside

distance hinders

I see you escape

once wakened

a crack trickles down

a soft new layer, a touch that weakens

I am exposed, you are welcome my home but I spot the difference naked no sleep fitted


to be not in this corpse but free next to yours

a quest a dream a waste of time

once pliant now solid

hollow and hungry

only a wind from above

Track Name: prevo
1 2 breathe 3 4 breathe


1 2 cha cha


3 4 cha cha cha

eliminate waste

swallow tomorrow

follow the shadow

dreams make decisions

genes in remission

once blessed

next in line

go west


sayonara …

peligroso/soho garden

file extinct

aloha new guard form/less wise shape

landscape child


why wait so long, cocoon, to set me free?

These indecisions force new conditions
Track Name: 10k
whole world opening up

sky cover my head

ground groan and give birth

stars roll out welcome mat

a carpet of song for sore feet

her water breaks in the desert

few flock to the new day

rejoice and dance

whole world opening up

sky cover my head reaching for your arms wrap my flesh in blood cleanse the bride feeds

the child plants the seed dust unfold to receive…

earth swallow my pride

head, raise up, shallow water

pool is welcome inside

thirst forever undone

drink it
Track Name: trepan
spotted lies forage eyes toroidal spin

map to size soaks aside fold out fold in

point to point jottal quiz poindexterose

one dotted line, one dollar sign, one crease

pan - folded flaps, empty traps, peel actor skin

trepan - bolded caps, septic taps, section 1-10

q - coroner predisposed simsalabim

iq - go magic wand, from stagnant pond prelease

so hold it open now

outlast the day

equate unmemorize

stayed up late to sleep in

shorn 2/to sheep to show… who knows?

4-eyes has spoken now

so laugh away

deflate remedial

crashell course

some preliminary tightwad who knows everything



q knows everything


folded stacks, rectal lapse, jealous again

3d graphs baked in pies

attach resend

printed flow, cubic-hole, relaxative

bend at the knees, just a reprieve, sign here

thor has awoken now

inquisite slave

three fates eliminate

torture blow out to squeeze

puncture hole to increase


fool’s gold

dance homecoming
Track Name: hisatsinom

we’ll measure you in steep and endless rhyming stones

safe to know the name and in our shadow carve your home

our ways etched inside you

our name poured on your hands

break my body send it seven ways for all to feed

take my blood anoint your children set their motives free

one breath through the mouth slice a clear path through chaos collage ages

a scroll on fire


consume your own to find we

discern the trail: our reflection in you for our sake
Track Name: mt
it’s beyond my control – ce n’est pas ma fault
Track Name: interlunis
tide rise new moon

I rise to you

come surf clouds by moonlight sand like trampoline tucked in zero g

we’ll spy home before sunlit and burnt ships of eye-wide wonder’s remains starved for


one word a spark where you hide

solar/sonar loom outstretch untombed

high time meet waiting other


so perfect, unfleshed, recover(ed) countless stars remember we now

sing for me
Track Name: spaget
hero haha

freeload, clip-on-tie creole

mama, speak low

occupy brief though on time

seashell, touch bottom

hairline crack

leaked information/in formation

tighten screwy

abreast/a breast of a whore/horrid tactile

sand gum tooth

diamond fix

base loaded

move on, prove wrong, sheepen

mary had a prophylactic

genuflex these graver matters untied downwind

morse-code blotter

habituate source-tape

neglect useful

porridge crest alma mater

refuse cordial shine

mastering to beat mine

foreign habits flow out -ward of state-ment (…ward of state…)

flesh grow(s/ing)



pastor mess

fissure(d) stacks


slate to feline help

weight berates this wealth of mitochondriacs

felt-tipped neon laughter/turgid corpus

I’m not here you’re not here so phone home
Track Name: centrifugue
solar microwave home

pretend re-entry

revamp trajectory

perhaps boomerang salvation swings counter-clockwise

but not now

sundial, you shot down…

survival, you left town

dorado, you pound pound

gravity, I object

form of a smoke signal

heyoka-mirror frown

dreams on spokes surround

trust in sleep trust in…

cross-eyed clowns and metaphors

crosstalk, capsule, nightwatch, radiohm

signal-ize/lies mirage-a-phone

restless hopeless focus


nailed ears to the ground

death is just a sound

s.o. ricochet o.s.

someone say something!

one door opens both ways opens one door to itself
Track Name: valentime
Skull, rest your sundial

clovis-points drop some slack, some toothless jaw

obsidian inscribed names, rush find home

once flesh, now wound beating heart

(move – ha) we hunt shallow words

spit hollow tip

they shatter bone

elders mend the seams

hide behind screens

worship their/un-known

fireflies weave past-time through graves sand-buried ruins

x marks g-spot

nail scrape bone shovel sweat bleed uncover(ed)/

(the) witch locked in the bunker

gramma Sophia still lives forever

her cookie jar is always full

please whisper my name

few seek ambrosia’s receiving lips

feast on her breath

crush this heart of stone between your teeth to live again

it says “won’t you be mine”

shave this poison candles portage cheap thrills

fun hags wish in tamed insects big game

fought for mama’s taste

rate the stolen date

brought the book back late

blame it on some dude

melt through blendless days

(w)restless altitude

stale or sweet?


flies un/ap-peal crusted incarcerate ink-stains

try to hold on

solo late night


cold duck incorporate high-beams

moving insight

struck in clutch gong

slight of hand… lest the wind might hurl undoing

crawl up tree slang

solus ignite

spin the wheel

my last token to ride free

just one more thing to get wrong
Track Name: tokkotai
an awkward ploy

quest for security